Who we are?  


RUBA SEZ Group started operations in 1971 and as years passed and one generation continued the legacy of the generation before. The business developed into a dynamic group of companies with the common goal of contributing to the economic and social growth of Pakistan.


Today the group includes electronics, automotive, investment, SEZ and consumer divisions working diligently to produce, market and distribute world-class products and services. Looking forward towards a promising future; the Group aims to share positive growth with investors, stakeholders and employees.


  With its Headquarter in the Mega Towers, Gulberg II, Lahore and spread across 6 countries, the group is run on internationally renowned systems and procedures. Day after day, professionals of the highest caliber meet and exceed expectations.  
      What is RUBA Automotive Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited?  
      RUBA Automotive Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited is a private limited company. The company's business is assembly-cum-progressive manufacture and sales of tractors and trading of parts and implements related thereto. The company was incorporated in Feb, 2012 and a joint venture has been signed between RUBA Automotive & SHIFENG Group for the production & sales of tractors in the first phase (RAHI).  

    The company offers the range of “RAHI” Tractors; the most well designed modern tractors in Pakistan so far. “RAHI” is a leading product of the new century that adapts European technology and optimized 3-D design technology and is fully adaptable with the characteristics of Pakistan’s agriculture, rural area and farmers. It is true Multi-purpose machine that is suitable for both commercial and agricultural usage. It is proudly claimed that these tractors are being operated successfully in more than 113 countries under the SHIFENG brand name winning the confidence of thousands of customers worldwide. RUBA Automotive’s RAHI Tractors will be successfully launched in the month of December 2012 in Pakistan.


    In the future RUBA Automotive Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited?

    RUBA Automotive Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited have planned to introduce the following Products:-
      Phase-2     Combine Harvester + 3 Wheeler Loaders  

    Phase-3     Light Commercial Vehicles + Electric Car

      Phase-4     Industrial Tyres  

    Phase-5     Diesel Generators & Forklift Trucks

      What is SHIFENG GROUP?  

    Shifeng Group was established on 18th May, 1993.The group covers an area of 213 hectares, its total assets is 6 billion Yuan RMB and it has 30,000 employees. The leading products includes 3-wheel trucks, low-gear trucks, light trucks, electric automobiles, tractors, engines, combined harvester and tyre. The mother company, Shandong Shifeng (Group) Co.,Ltd.,has 4 industry gardens, 5 co-invested companies and son companies and 6 special production factories. Besides, the group has set up the post-doctorate scientific research workstation and Shifeng Central Research Institute.

    The selling quantity of Shifeng 3-wheel truck ranks first for 12 years in the same industry of China, the low-gear trucks of Shifeng were sold in the first place for 9 years in the same industry in China. The economy benefit of Shifeng Group was realized the first place for 14 years. The selling quantity of 3-wheel trucks, low-gear trucks, engines and tractors ranks first in the same industry of China.

    Shifeng Group is standing in 410 place among 500 strongest enterprises of world mechanicals in 2008, 36 place among 500 Chinese machinery industry, 12 place among 500 large-sized  enterprises in competitive power in China, and the first place among 100 strengthened enterprises in China’s Agriculture and Machinery Industry in China for 9 years. The Brand of Shifeng is valued 10 billion Yuan RMB. Shifeng Group possesses more than 1500 selling sites and over 2000 completed enterprises. The supplying & fitting network and marketing network has been formed all over China. All the products are sold well to over 50 countries including America, Mexico and Albania.

    Shifeng Central Research Institute is a state enterprise technology developing center. It also has 12 research departments and 2500 technicians. It is the biggest CAD model base for 3-wheel trucks, low-gear trucks. More than 1000 items of scientific & research results has been conferred the State patents. The production ability of strike, welding, painting, assembling, machinery processing, casting and heat-processing ranks first in the same industry of China.

    The sales volume of the fittings marketing company of Shifeng Group amounts to 500 million Yuan RMB yearly. It is the biggest agricultural vehicle fittings collection and distribution center in China.

    Shifeng Group has already formed the productivities yearly of producing 1.2 million sets of 3-wheel truck, 50,000 sets of light truck,20000 sets of electric automobile,1.2 million sets of engine, 300,000 sets of tractor, 8.8 million sets of tire and 5,000 sets of combined harvester. 
    The strategy plan of Shifeng Group includes: Further carrying out the guide spirit by the General Secretary Hu Jintao and the leaders of State inspecting Shifeng Group, Circling “One strategy target”. Building “Four large industries zone”, Speeding up the construction paces of agricultural vehicle, the light trucks, tyre, thermo-electricity and agricultural equipment industries and advancing into the rank of 500 strongest enterprises in the world as soon as possible. 
    A strategic target: Namely the transporting machinery group of “well-known in China and  famous in the world”. 

    Four large industries gardens: the agricultural vehicle industry garden, the light trucks industry garden, Juxing tire industry garden of Shifeng and the thermo-electricity industry garden of Shifeng. 

      What is the origin of RAHI Tractors?  
      RAHI Tractors basically belongs to China origin but they are being manufactured / assembled by Ruba Automotive Pakistan Private Limited in collaboration with SHIFENG GROUP under a joint venture in Pakistan. It is worth mentioning here that RAHI Tractors are carefully designed and developed keeping in mind the power vs fuel economy and local soil conditions of Pakistani farmlands.  
      Which business group in Pakistan is selling RAHI Tractors?  
      RUBA – SEZ GROUP under a joint venture with SHIFENG GROUP, China.  
      Are RAHI tractors being imported or being assembled in Pakistan?  
      Initially, RAHI Tractors are being imported in Semi Knocked-down (SKD) form, and subsequently on completion of the factory at Raiwind Road Lahore, they will be progressively assembled/manufactured from CKD.  
      Which models of RAHI Tractors are being introduced in Pakistan?  
    Horse Power
    55 HP
    65 HP
    75 HP
      What is the location of Marketing Office?  

    Mega Tower, 6th Floor 63-B, Suite No.321, Main Boulevard Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan.
    Tel: +92 42 3587 4353, Ext – 819 , 820 Dir: +92 42 35757 383
    Fax: +92 42 3577 7524
    Email: sales@rahitractors.com.pk

      What is the location of Factory?  
      RUBA Special Economic Zone, 19.5 km Raiwind Road Lahore, Pakistan. Cell: +92 321 4082 555  
      What are the important advantages of RAHI Tractors over other tractors?  

    a) Euro 2 Compliant engine
    b) Fuel efficiency up to 40 %.
    c) Low Maintenance
    d) Power Steering in all models.
    e) Higher road speed.
    f) Maintenance free battery.

      What will be the advantage of becoming Ruba Automotive’s Partner / Dealer?  

    a) Long term Partnership with one of the leading group of companies.
    b) Equal opportunity for business growth and diversification.
    c) Increase profitability with Introduction to new technology

      When RAHI tractors will be available in Pakistan?  
      RAHI Tractors will be available for delivery from the month of December 2012 onwards.  
      What will be the delivery time of RAHI Tractors?  
      RAHI Tractors will be available on immediate delivery basis.  
      Does Ruba Automotive Pakistan Private Limited offer After Sale Service for RAHI Tractors?  
      Ruba Automotive Pakistan Private Limited ensures and guarantees prompt after sale service and availability of parts. A strong after sale service network shall be established throughout the country.  
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